The Naerebout ash desk. A combination of ash wood and steel. Made to last a lifetime. 

price and measurements on request

The Naerebout leaning lamp featured at the Arper presentation / 2013 Salone del Mobile in Milano.

The Naerebout leaning lamp and hanging lamp for sale at miscellaneous store .
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After huge amounts of work together with Twelve Trains, Carsten Klein and Stef Bakker I’m proud to introduce the new Studio Bakker website. 

Studio Bakker is a small company active in the creative sector. I assisted as co-designer in several beautiful projects.
Please keep an eye on the site because there are new things to come...

The Naerebout hanging lamp is best to be described as a subtle cooperation between a wooden knob, wire and steel light fixture.
Together with a 77 year old woodturner I went through an exciting process of finding out the right dimensions, techniques and types of wood for the knob. 

At last African Iroko was chosen for it’s sustainability, rugged look and fine woodturning qualities.
When exposed to sunlight Iroko tends to convert from a gold-brown to a chocolat-brown colour. 

price: €229,- 

This leaning lamp is a fully handcrafted lighting fixture, made by Amsterdam craftsman.
The frame is bent with bare hands in a steel mould and is designed to elevate and ‘embrace’ the bulb and guide the wire.
The main material being used for the lamp is blackened steel.

price: €299,- 

This mould is specially made by craftsman Pieter Paul Los for bending the lighting fixtures frames of the leaning lamp.

creative director: Stef Bakker
photography: Kasia Gatkowska

Together with creative director Stef Bakker I designed a “live in” kitchen and office situated in a 17th century warehouse at the ‘Herengracht’ in Amsterdam. One of our sources of inspiration used for the design was a project named ‘art as repair’ by Colombian born sculptress Doris Salcedo. The kitchen is a balanced ‘patchwork’ of antique oak, rough concrete surfaces and bare steel combined with the excisting furniture in the house. 

Knowledge of different materials and the need to know more about the essence of ‘a table’ was one of the reasons to start this project. Being fascinated with rough materials was one of the reasons to use them as part of the table. Slab cypress wood is used for the table top and a slim steel construction holds everything together. The details on the Naerebout slab table have been reduced to a minimum. Designed, manufactured and photographed in my livingroom.